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Updated: 21 min 21 sec ago

Authentic Neapolitan wood-fired pizza tonight at Halton!

11 hours 35 min ago

Hi all,

For those with a hunger tonight Chris Makepeace and his team will be down at Halton from approximately 6 pm with his fantastic authentic Neapolitan wood-fired pizza oven in action!

Before rushing home after tennis/gym/whatever you're doing with us, why not treat yourself and save cooking at home this evening!

ITF Junior World rankings top 10 - a truly global sport

Tue, 12/05/2017 - 11:41



13 different nations represented above.

The 'Everyball' 80 ball drill

Fri, 12/01/2017 - 10:00

See here the 'Everyball' 80 ball drill with Mike and Miles.

Player initiates each set of 8 balls with a serve.  Coach then feeds a 'neutral' (no spin, slow-medium speed) ball side to side into outside third of player's court.  Player has to play cross-court into outside third with a rising ball over baseline or deep side-line.  Player aims to recover in 20 seconds ready for next set.

10 sets of  8 balls. 

Miles scores 51/60 or 63% rising balls, 30 on FH, 21 on BH.  Serving percentage 40%, average time between points 26.44 seconds.   A great drill for establishing a baseline competency/current position and setting some improvement goals for the future. 


Video shows set 5 of 10 for Miles.  8/8 rising balls, great job!

Key factors for the coach:

  1. Neutral ball feed encourages player to generate own pace with full body mechanics, work hard with feet behind ball and find appropriate trajectory (speed, spin, height) to achieve aim of rising ball over baseline/deep side-line
  2. Timing of feed to replicate that of opponent's contact point
  3. Tough to gain all information above so either video and chart later or have a buddy to help 
  4.  Drill can be easily adapted to squad situation - hit 8, pick up 8 and ready to go again.  Total rising balls achieved by a squad in 5 minutes (roughly 300 balls fed).  Our Academy record this week was 190, achieved by 12 players over 3 courts.

The art of reflection

Thu, 11/30/2017 - 08:16
‘Because things are so fast moving in the tennis world, it’s almost an art to reflect well’ - Jo Konta
Everyball’s 4R’s: respect, responsibility, resilience and reflection

Beth Grey breaks into worlds top 600!

Tue, 11/28/2017 - 13:46

Big congratulations to Everyball's Beth Grey who breaks the 600 barrier at a WTA ranking of 587 yesterday, a rise in 400 places since June of this year!  

Below, Beth in training for upcoming trip to India before Christmas.  Keep up the great work Beth!


Seeking a new coach to join the Everyball Team at Halton Tennis Centre (HaltonUK)

Fri, 11/24/2017 - 14:16

A superb opportunity for early 2018 for a level 3 or 4 coach looking for a new role, principally within Mini Tennis, outreach and club development.

Download CoachingPositionEBTHaltonUKNov2017_2_.pdf

Well that's not true/possible/do-able.....

Thu, 11/23/2017 - 07:42

What's your criteria for establishing the truth?  Laboratory proof, empirical evidence?  Because it just 'makes sense'?

Are we closed to everything we can't explain?  Rejecting all inexplicable elements of 'things' because we've made up our minds that such things aren't possible, we run the risk of shrinking the world and the possibilities around us to only what we can comprehend.

I think that's a sad place to be, fundamentally because it takes away our imagination, our creativity, our ability to dream.

Academy afternoon warm-up!

Wed, 11/15/2017 - 07:21

[Thanks Andy Higham for this one!]


Poise and purpose

Tue, 11/14/2017 - 07:25
 Everyball Touring Pro and Ambassador Beth Grey shows poise and purpose as she hit through this forehand in yesterday’s first round victory of 25k in Poland. All the best for today Beth!

Two choices - tear each other apart or build each other up

Mon, 11/13/2017 - 12:03

It's what it really boils down to isn't it?  We can either tear each other apart or build each other up.  On a personal level but also on a wider cultural one.

As tennis clubs/centres/coaches/parents/players/volunteers, our ultimate success depends on the overall health of our industry

The stronger the industry, the more jobs, the more resources, the more knowledge gained and shared, the greater the improvement both on and off the court.

A culture of back-biting, where players hope their mates/rivals lose, where coaches talk down other programmes or colleagues, where parents are less than complimentary towards each other.....we've all been there at some point, all played a part in this....  

Don't get me wrong - healthy and respectful competition is good, it drives up standards, but competitive collaboration, recognising the strengths in each other, the great contributions made at all levels of the sport, the victories no matter how great or small - well, that kind of culture is just better for all of us. 

It's quite hard though, goes against the grain and our human instinct.

Requires some real intentional behaviour and change in attitude.

Coaching interventions

Sun, 11/12/2017 - 09:47

Better to make NO intervention than an unnecessary one or an inaccurate one! 

A lesson in crushing your child....

Fri, 11/10/2017 - 09:38

Child walks in the door having just been dropped off after playing a football match.

Dad: 'Did you win son?'

Son: 'No Dad.'

Dad: 'Did you score son?

Son: 'No dad.'

Dad drops his head.  Son drops his, now having lost the excitement he had to show his Dad the 'man of the match' trophy in his bag, awarded for the best team performer that day.

(Thanks to Julie Blackwood [Chartered Exercise and Sport Psychologist, Loughborough University] for sharing this today on the LTA SPC L4 Course)

This week Everyball Tennis boast 3 boys in GB top 10 (12&U, 14&U)

Thu, 11/09/2017 - 10:48

A superb reflection of Everyball's Aspire to Excel Academy Programme.  This week's GB national rankings show 3 Everyball boys inside their respective age-group's top 10.

Joel Good - 14&U No.8

Miles Groom - 14&U No.10

Joshua Oakley - 12&U No. 8

Superb work and progress boys.  You're not arriving at a destination, but continuing your journey into constant and never-ending improvement, where becoming is better than being, improving better than proving.

Teachable moments

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 07:14

I heard a youth worker from Redthread  (a charity aiming to support and enable young people in South London to lead healthy, safe lives) talking on the radio about 'teachable moments.'   She mentioned that often the most 'teachable moments' come in the darkest of times when a youth is in hospital A&E having been stabbed (via gang invovlement) with no family, no friends and life in the balance. This can be the impact moment for the youth worker to seize upon to get that young person to consider making a change in their lives - if indeed, they survive.

As coaches, our teachable moments hopefully don't come in life/death situations, but they may well come in the low moments and tougher times that all athletes/performers experience.  These are moments when dissatisfaction may well be at it's highest and the 'need' to improve/change is at it's greatest.  These are the moments of revelation in and around the well used saying 'if I continue to do what I've always done, I'm gonna get what I've always got.' 

As coaches and leaders, do we wait for the teachable moments to arrive, or are there ways in which we can orchestrate and create them, the creation of mini crises (the plural of crisis google reliably informs me!) if you will?

As players, do we come with curious and teachable attitudes, inquisitive, prepared to overcome fear of failure and the fear of the emotional/physical discomfort associated with learning.

Dom King of Everyball Tennis, HaltonUK presents at the iTPA (International Tennis Performance Association)

Mon, 11/06/2017 - 11:15

Our very own Dom King, Head of EBT (Everyball Tennis) Athlete Development at Halton Tennis Centre, presented at the prestigious World Tennis Fitness Conference in Atlanta in July.  Here is his write-up of the event.  Great work Dom!

Download WTFC_Article_HTC_Everyball_Dom_King.pdf

Reaching the pinnacle of your sport with governing body support

Sat, 11/04/2017 - 08:23

To win the World Cup in football or rugby you require the support of and selection by your governing body.  It is essential.

To win a gold medal at swimming, you need the support of and selection by your governing body.  It is essential.

To win a gold medal at athletics, you need the support of and selection by your governing body.  It is essential.

In fact, to reach the pinnacle of most sports your require the support of and selection by your governing body.

Tennis, is an exception.

The support of the governing body is desirable, preferable and helpful but not essential.

Selection by the governing body for various programmes and opportunities is desirable, preferable but not essential.

You can reach number 1 in the world without your governing body.

Our governing body does a huge amount of excellent work building our sport and assisting top players along the pathway but if you don't fall into that support or the opportunities offered, can I please remind you that this is not a show stopper, it's not the end of the road and it is not an indication that you can't do it.

Wherever you are, whatever your situation be creative and exercise your 'ability to respond' by  identifying, gathering and mobilising all your resources to focus on getting better.  The first resource to identify and mobilise is your own beliefs, attitudes and mindset over what is possible.  Perhaps it begins with the above today.

Nadal and Djockovic forehands - what can we learn?

Fri, 11/03/2017 - 07:37

Nadal and Djockovic warming up at Wimbledon couple years ago.   Forehands almost synchronised.

What can we take away and practice from these two great champions?

  • Great balance - solid, wide base, 'you can't fire a canon from a canoe' Download
  • Relaxation and a 'let go' feeling in each shot
  • A more traditional follow through for Rafa
  • Tip stance and increasing body speed through the shot
  • 180 degree shoulder rotation 

RAF Tennis's Flight Lieutenant Jon Bond is selected as RED 2 for the RAF Red Arrows

Thu, 11/02/2017 - 07:45

We're more used to seeing Jon race around the courts at Halton rather than speed through the skies but a huge congratulations to Jon Bond's selection as RED 2 for the 2018 Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team the Red Arrows.

A huge honour for him, a massive accomplishment and although we'll miss him on the RAF Men's A team next year, we're right behind you Jon!  Well, that's if we could ever catch you!

Jon flew the Typhoon operationally and he gave a great 'Curious Cows talk' to us in 2016!  See this link:

Everyball hits Europe! Ten Pro Global Junior Tour - Mouratoglou Junior Championships

Wed, 11/01/2017 - 07:58

This week an Everyball Team is out out competing in Nice, France at the Ten Pro Global Junior Tour Mouratoglou Junior Championships. 

Download 25548dcc-c107-4929-916a-ca3010f1640b.mp4

James Morgan and Sam Kilhams are captaining an Everyball team of Fraser Reeves, Joshua Oakley, Calum Fairey, William Mottram, Jack Feinson, DJ Mentiply, Oliver Mccay-Brown and Amelie Brooks (shown playing a great point in the video).  Team chaperone is Laura Mars.

So far, reports have been fantastic via a very busy What's App group!  Looks like the players are having an amazing learning experience, getting plenty of great match practice on the clay, supporting each other as a team and clearly having a ball!

Our next Everyball trip is already being planned!